I am the resident Artist and Owner of THUNDER TOP STUDIO with my wife Linda. After working for 34 years for a large corporation, I am now, with the gift given me at birth, creating my work full time from my Adirondack Studio by Chase Lake in Upstate New York.
    Degrees in Advertising Design, Fine Arts Studio Painting  and three years at Munson William Proctor Institute in Utica, N.Y. complete my formal education.This is where I learned to work in Oils,Watercolors,Pencil and  Inks. My current active mediums are Inks and Pyrographics (better know as Wood Burning .
    I enjoy doing work on consignment (you have a favorite photo, I can reproduce it on wood with my burning pen ).Please take the time to view  the Gallery's on the site and enjoy.
    If you have any questions please contact me at my e-mail.....................
           aph2869@frontiernet.net or call 315-376-7576
For alternate art media's Please enjoy visiting my son Todd's web sites:
www.eternalimagestattoos.com or www.thehuntercollection.com
Welcome;  My name is Andrew P. Hunter
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